SQL Database Administration

Our remote database administration service covers all day-to-day administrative tasks and activities, and serves as a cornerstone to all the other database services we provide. When you opt for Remote Database Services, you will have a partner that can comfortably handle all aspects of your SQL database administration, regardless of size (from few users to a few thousand.)


Emergency DBA Support - 952.679.2917

Database support available 24x7. 100% onshore support – you’ll understand everything we say (both in a language sense, and a technical sense). We’re ready to answer your calls and give you help when you need it most – in Plain English. If you have a SQL Server emergency, please contact us at 952.679.2917 to speak with one of our Microsoft Certified SQL Server experts. Not a client? Call us anyways.


Performance Analysis and Improvement

Our Performance Analysis and Improvement Services includes an evaluation of your database configuration, schema design, and the formulation of SQL statements. We carefully analyze your existing database structures, configuration settings, index usage, performance counters, query plans, and more. Our SQL experts will find even the most elusive, complex bottlenecks and inefficiencies for real long-term solutions.


Business Intelligence and Data Warehousing

Our Microsoft Certified Business Intelligence professionals have the experience and expertise to build high performance data warehouses and data marts from conception to final user reporting. We can help you design a Business Intelligence solution for your business from the ground up, or maintain and enhance your existing one using our unique experience and expertise of Microsoft Business Intelligence tools and technologies.


SQL Database Development

Experienced database developers and designers to help you create the next generation of robust database solutions using Microsoft SQL Server. We can work with your developers to produce fast, efficient queries leveraging industry standard best practices and consistent coding formats. At Remote Database Services, we design with performance and scalability in mind, which minimizes future support and maintenance costs.


SQL Server Monitoring and Intelligent Alerting

The Remote Database Services approach uses an agentless architecture for SQL database monitoring and has been designed to be minimally invasive with the lowest possible overhead. This translates into a smaller footprint (a mere fraction that conventional collection methods offer), and mitigates risks by avoiding having to install additional software on your production systems.


SQL Database Maintenance

SQL Server database maintenance plans are absolutely essential to keep your databases continuously available and operating smoothly. Remote Database Services can review your current maintenance plans, or develop a new workflow of tasks to ensure that your databases are optimized, regularly backed up, and free of inconsistencies.


Business Continuity Planning (HA and DR)

Key elements of holistic Business Continuity Planning include High Availability (HA) and Disaster Recovery (DR). Remote Database Services can provide you with all the essentials for Business Continuity Planning in both of these key areas using multiple technologies available in SQL Server to implement database redundancy and failover. We can help you choose and implement the best solution for your business so you are properly prepared.


Remote SQL Server DBA

When it comes to SQL Server technologies, Remote Database Services offers world-class, cost-effective solutions for small and medium sized businesses.

We focus exclusively on SQL Server, and deliver a superior level of quality and expertise. So what do we do, exactly? Simple - Remote database administration, design, development, optimization, troubleshooting, audits, and ongoing maintenance and support. That's a mouthful for sure, but it's accurate.

We're your SQL experts, we will listen to your business needs and concerns, evaluate your existing SQL Server database(s), and recommend services and an approach that is appropriate to your priorities, goals, and budget. Whether you need part-time DBA help, someone to manage your database servers entirely, or have something larger in mind, we're ready, willing, and able to assist you. Contact Us today to learn more about how our remote SQL DBA services can help your business.

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Customized Pricing Plans

Data management can be complex, but our pricing is very simple. We offer a flexible pricing model, which is completely customizable.

  • Simplicity is the word, and you pay for exactly what you need and nothing more.
    • One-time low setup fee.
    • Monthly fee based on the number of hours we spend working for you.
    • DBA on-call support fee (if applicable)
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Getting Started is Simple

Remote SQL DBA

We're easy to do business with, and won't try to dazzle you with complicated verbiage or arcane services. Just call us at 952.679.2917. We'll be happy to talk.

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What We Can Do For You

We offer a multitude of SQL related database services, but we want to tell you right here that you are never limited in any way (i.e.: there is no need for you to "pick" which service you want). Our competitive fees give you 100% access to 100% of our knowledge and services.

Whether you need part-time DBA help, someone to manage your database servers entirely, or have something larger in mind, we are ready, willing, and able to assist you.

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